Secure Perimeter with Electric Fencing Solution

A fence that can instantly generate an alarm when a breach is detected is a powerful deterrent against intruders and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses concerned about property theft. Ssecure perimeter electric fencing, powered by a power energizer, is a highly effective and safe solution that meets strict safety guidelines for use around hazardous materials or equipment. The system can be zoned, and the voltage intensity adjusted to meet specific security needs. It’s also designed to be easily interfaced with other systems such as a third party security alarm monitoring system to allow remote alarm monitoring and verification of the fence status.

A wall-top electric fence attaches to the top of existing perimeter barriers such as a masonry wall or a steel palisade fence, adding an extra layer of security. It’s often used to protect freight carriers, auto auctions, equipment rental companies, housing communities, and business buildings that contain high value or sensitive contents.

In the event that an intruder tries to scale a fence, the wires are triggered by the presence of a person touching them, and provide a shock that can range from barely noticeable to extremely uncomfortable or even lethal, depending on the voltage of the pulse, how close to the ground the fence is, and what kind of contact is made between the fence and the intruder. The pulses in a security electric fence are generated by a power energizer, which converts power into an electrical current that is transmitted along the bare wires and guided through metal rods embedded in the ground or concrete. When the conductive rods are touched, they complete an electrical circuit that passes through the body, delivering the shock.

The energizer is programmed to deliver a non-lethal shock the first time the fence is touched and a fatal shock on the second touch, based on the sensitivity of the conductive rods in the ground and the amount of current transmitted through them. A fence with this type of technology is sometimes called a stun fence and is commonly used to prevent intruders from accessing areas that they shouldn’t be in, such as prisons or military bases.

A specialized electric fence for wildlife or livestock typically has low voltage and only one or two wires to contain animals, such as horses and cattle. This type of fence is typically much thinner and has a lower power output than a security or anti-theft electric fence.

A security and anti-theft electric fence is usually thicker than a livestock or agricultural fence, and the wires are spaced much closer together – often only 3’’ to 6’’ apart – so that they can’t be jumped over. They are also often buried underground and run through a series of trenches to ensure they can’t be cut or removed without damaging the entire fence system. In addition to their effectiveness as a deterrent, these types of fences can be equipped with a wide range of other features that make them a valuable part of a security schema, such as alarms, security lighting, or staff notification protocols.