A company founded in 2010 that offers gold and silver assets

Lexi Capital

A company founded in 2010 that offers gold and silver assets that have historically shown strong returns while surviving short-term corrections. It also helps investors mitigate their exposure to volatility with a six-month repricing policy.

Originally based in Santa Rosa, California, it is a division of David Placek’s company Lexicon which was formed in 1982. Its core focus is the health and life sciences sectors whose links, it claims, are growing and accelerating.

The firm’s mission is to provide a broad spectrum of services read this article about lexi capital for clients across the globe. Its portfolio includes strategic planning, business development, sustainability, data analytics, built asset life cycle, transition and digital.

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The company is a leader in providing investment management and research insights for those with a stake in the future of financial markets. Its mission is to empower investors through access to market insights and recession-proof assets.