Hockey Protective Equipment

Hockey is a collision sport that requires players to wear specialized protective equipment in order to play the game safely and without risk of injury. Protective equipment includes helmets, face masks and leg guards that can help to prevent head injuries and concussions.


The most important piece of hockey protective equipment is a helmet that’s certified by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC). There are many types of helmets, so make sure you find one that fits properly and is certified. If you’re unsure about the proper fit, check with your local ice hockey store.

Helmets are available in a one- or two-piece design, and they should have a chin strap that is fastened securely to ensure that the helmet stays in place during play. They should also have a certified cage attached to the bottom of the helmet.

Face masks and visors

A face mask can protect a player’s eyes from high sticks and deflected pucks that might otherwise cause serious eye damage. There are several different styles of face masks: wire cage, plastic visor and a combination of visor and cage. A face shield can be used as a substitute for a face mask or as an add-on to a helmet.


Unlike other hockey protective equipment positions, goalies must be very protected to avoid suffering a serious injury in case they get hit with a flying puck. They wear the most expensive and highest quality gear, which is designed to keep them safe during practice, warm-ups and games.


Hockey gloves are another essential piece of hockey protective equipment that’s vital for any player to have. These gloves are made from thin leather and feature a palm and fingers with a lot of padding to reduce slashing and other damage. They should also have a flexible cuff that’s not too tight and doesn’t interfere with your grip.

Elbow pads

Either molded or hinged, these elbow pads are the perfect way to protect your arms from slashing and other damage while playing ice hockey. They also have an EVA foam insert that absorbs shock so you don’t feel the impacts.

Shin guards

Shin guards are also very important when it comes to preventing injuries during hockey play. Because shins are a very common spot for hockey players to get hurt, it’s crucial that you wear shin guards when you’re out on the ice.

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Knee guards

A good set of knee pads is also crucial for ice hockey players, as they can protect your child from a high stick or a crashing puck that could injure their lower body. These pads are padded and elastic so they stay in place and offer plenty of protection against injuries.